Absolute Truths, Who are You?

I was watching Bones, what? I love that show. Beautiful cast plus it’s about murder and mystery. You can’t go wrong with that.
Anyway Boothe said, “Well people can be more than one thing.” It doesn’t really matter the context he used it in because it can be used any context. It’s so many times in life that we define people by their actions as opposed to who they are. I think as good people we should sometimes look past obvious flaws to get to the root of people and who they are. That’s not to say that you’re supposed to start believing a friend that is a habitual liar or let your thieving cousin spend the night at your house alone.
What I’m saying is that you should love people and accept them regardless of their flaws. You don’t have to hate your cousin or your friend for what they do. It’s not the only thing they are. Everyone has a story and you never know what people go through. I am very blessed in my life but I’ve faced some real tragedies in this past year. I know that the things that have happened to me are not unique. They happen to people all the time. They’re happening right now and trust me, my heart goes out to all those suffering.
So the next time you want to judge the thief or the liar or whatever label you want to smack on them, don’t. None of us are one thing.

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