You are NOT the father!


You know what I’m talking about. Maury, he is so infamous for that. It makes me laugh but I feel like my like my life could be summed up on The Maury show too. I believe that there are a lot of people from combined families. What does that mean for the father or mother that’s not there 24/7.

Aside from my many many problems in life, I have this dysfunctional family. Not only the one I created for my son, but the one I grew up in.

I like to clarify that just because I grew up not knowing my real father, doesn’t mean I grew up fatherless. There is a difference. I would love to talk about the man I call “Daddy,” the man that raised me and taught me about men. I should fire his ass actually. Anyway, I love that man with so much and respect him for what he did for me because my biological father was not in my life.

Ok, I may later regret this blog. Hurt feelings maybe but for some reason I feel like the World should feel my pain. I realized a long time ago that pain and circumstances are not unique to you or me. These things happen to everybody. 

At this moment, I understand absolutely every single saying I’ve ever heard about life…

I met my real dad when I was about 23. I have never liked him and honestly I still don’t. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get to know him. I’ve probably had five conversations maybe before now. 

So, I have to stay with him for a while. I wanted him to help me because he wanted to. Not because he felt sorry for me or because he wants to re-raise me. Look, I told my mom I wouldn’t curse him out. I fully intended on keeping that promise but it’s not looking good.

My second night there we have dinner and he tells me I can’t stay with him for the next three months, which is until I leave for school. 

That’s fine if he feels that way however, I told him what I needed before I made the move. Also he cut me off while I was talking which reminded me of my husband.

The man doesn’t know anything about me, then makes snide remarks about the decisions in my life. He’s so judgmental… Reminds me of my husband.

He’s right about everything and there is no one that can teach him anything. Well maybe if they have more money, then he’ll listen. He worships money…. Again reminding me of my husband.

Listen…. I know you can see the pattern.

He’s such a liar. Now my husband does lie although, I don’t think he ever lied to me. But my father lies about everything. EVERYTHING!!!

To make matters worse he’s a damn preacher. Don’t know if it disturbs you but it highly disturbs me. This man expressed to me that I need to go to church if I stay in his house. Well, it’ll be a cold day in hell before I ever listen to his ass preach at that church.

He’s a pig. Watching him eat is almost like watch a garbage disposal chop food, accompanied with the sound of actual pigs inhaling slop down their throat like it’s air. I don’t have anything against fat people. I’m sure I’m considered fat in some circles. The issue is that him and gluttony go hand in hand.

He is the epitome of all seven of the deadly sins. He told me one day that he likes talk radio but doesn’t listen to other preachers. He works so much, I have no idea when he has time to even study his Bible. Surely a pastor reads the Bible daily. 

I just don’t like him and his attitude. This will truly be the last thing he ever does for me. I’m going to contact him more often after I leave though. Just because I think he’s ignorant and I don’t think I should penalize him with not knowing me based on that. 



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