Diary of a Dying Man

I turned the corner, my heart pounding. I looked left watching as people walked the street normally. Not being witness to the horror that I’d encountered with my own eyes. I pulled my hood up slipping into the nearest clothing store I could find. Funny how my teenage daughter crossed my mind at this very moment. If I make it out of this alive, I am definitely getting in touch with her.

I purchased a new coat and a scarf that I ensured covered my face. Boston was no stranger to cold weather so it was very easy to hide myself. I reached into my pocket touching the pen that my boss had given me. She told me that if I were ever in trouble I would be able to use it. But it could only be used one time, so I needed to ensure its safety until then. I did not know what would come of the pen that would bring me some kind of instant salvation. It was a nice thought though.

I walked down the street blending in with the evening foot traffic. It would be hard for them to find me now. I caught the subway back to the safe house. As hard as I had worked, I’ve always known that one day it would come to this point.

I sat down at the table, pouring myself a glass of wine. It was almost guaranteed that I will die tonight yet the only thing I can think of is how I will finish this mission even through my death.

I collected my lap top from the hidden compartment in the table. I compressed all the files and sent them to three people. I called my daughter unable to resist hearing her voice one last time. She had never known me but I have always been here for her. It was always important that I avoided the people from the past. She should know that not a day goes by that I don’t think of her.

I don’t do this job because I love my country, or the law, or justice. I do this job because I’m good at it and I actually like it. It’s just a plus that I get to hurt assholes. I slid my laptop back into the table after wiping it clean.

I checked outside to see cars approaching. There was definitely a leak. I had lived the last fifteen years with an unwavering adrenaline rush. I could feel it now. I heart pounded. My hearing was magnified and I could hear foot steps approaching the door.

Suddenly five men entered into the safe house. I looked them in the eye and pointed the pen directly at them pressing down.


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