Faces of Truth

Most humans these days are genetically engineered. My sister and I both had all of our features hand picked by our parents.

Not everyone can afford to handpick everything. Those that can’t, have to get at least one feature, the facade lines. It allows emotions and feelings to be shown on the face. At first people boycotted it but they found themselves outcast beyond the grid. The ones in our faces pulsated when we are angry or scared. It turns blue when we’re happy and red when we’re angry. The lines differentiate us from those outside the grid.

The grid is the area around the town that blocks us off from the rest of the World. It looks like a grid too. It’s a black wall that contains changing graphics representing the current state of Perfecta, our town.

The Green was the healthiest, then blue, yellow, orange, and red. I have never saw it go past yellow. When it does hit yellow that usually means the outcast are attempting new entry. This was allowed after serious screening. However, when it goes to orange that means outcasts are trying to enter illegally. This also includes people from the outside who try to enter without permission.

The dome is protected by Vamphoons and our Perfect Soldiers. The Vamphoons are like cannons that are actually connected to the dome. As of now the dome itself has been impenetrable. The Perfect Soldiers are robot men that surround the outside of the dome. They deny and grant entry. As an interpreter, I am able to sign into the robots at anytime to see the outside World.

I entered my hall and began to do my usual nightly routine. First my nightly injections for the facade lines. You could actually get away with not taking the injections for a month but my job requires that I take them daily.

Earlier today I ran into Kim who was obviously scared. Her lines kept jumping. I have known her, pretty much my whole life. She went to classes with my sister and I.

We have the same assignment so I see her everyday. We both monitor the grid to ensure it’s at it’s best health and we prevent unhealthy states.

There is a lot involved in the health; the people and their state of mind, the economy, and the actual health of the manufactured Earth.

When I left the grid was fading to blue. That’s not usually a huge cause for concern but it seems as though Kim knows more than she let on.

I sat down and turned on the Cintron. It is kind of like a computer was in the old days but it does more. There’s no keyboard. The screen connects right into the facade lines and transmits our thoughts and what we want to do. My sister had just gotten married and moved to the other side of town, so I often communicated with her this away.

The next morning I got up and the grid was yellow. I’ve never seen it change so quickly.  I got to work and spotted Kim in her office.

She was calmer but still was in a very uncomfortable state. Her lines pulsated and were a copper color I’ve never seen before. “What’s going on Kim?” I asked her, clearly worried.

“Close the door,” She whispered. I did as she asked, stepping into her office. “We’re under attack,” she confessed.


“Yes, look at this.” She turned the screen of her Cintron around. I could see that she had connected to one of the robots eyes. The town was surrounded by men and cannons.

“How did it get this bad?”

“When’s the last time you were connected?” She asked.

“Maybe two days ago.”

“We’re in trouble Scott.”

“The daily checks were not done as required. It’s too late to stop them. War will start.”

“What?!” I felt fear creep though my veins.


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