Love at First Sight?

This girl this girl… Jesus. I ran into this chick on campus. She was handing out flyers about saving animals abroad. Honestly, I have no interest in animals abroad. But I listened to her because it was something about her. The way she spoke, the tone of her voice. I felt like I could tell she was smart and ambitious. I’m not sure why but I felt instantly connected to her. I wanted to say something then but I couldn’t. This is not like me at all. I can come up with words. She made my heart race. It’s so crazy. When I got finished with all my classes I went to the meeting hoping that she was there. She wasn’t, but the program actually seemed very, very cool. They also build schools and playgrounds and they help animals who really need it. I think I could do it minus the two weeks without my son.

At the end of the day when I got home I was super upset at myself. I’m like “Why didn’t you just say something?” The way she looked at me was just amazing. I don’t know. My solution? Email the chick who was giving the presentation. Yes, yes I did. I got her email address. I emailed her saying whatever I thought would work. Can’t be too stalker-ish, even though it was definitely some stalker activity.

I sent her my number and asked her to email me or call/text me. I also said she didn’t have to respond if she wasn’t interested. Honestly I don’t think I was imagining the connection we had. She emailed me back and said she remembers me and she’s glad that she could have an affect on someone by handing them a flyer. Then she said that she was not in the market and that she hopes someone else catches my eye.

I was kind of disappointed at first but I thought of three things

1. She remembers me? There are tens of thousands of people at that school.
2. She emailed me back when clearly I gave her an option not to.
3. She didn’t say she was in a relationship.

I swore off relationships but if someone makes me feel like I need to keep them I can’t help but to wonder if they should be in my life. I don’t even want to date, I don’t know if I would even want to date her but I definitely don’t think I should just let her walk out of my life without finding out if this feeling is legit or just some bullshit.

I mean in a lot of ways she wasn’t my type at all physically but she was so beautiful to me. Crazy beautiful. She looks like she is from a different country. She was dark with this giant afro. Which was physically appealing to me.
Anyway I’m trying to think of a response that is welcoming but not pushy. That expresses that I want her in my life but doesn’t make me sound crazy.