Delivered from Homosexuality

This has been on my heart for a while so I felt the need to address it. Before I start this article let’s get a few things straight, no pun intended. lol
God is very powerful. I really don’t believe that being gay is a sin. It’s hard for me to find the devil in reciprocated love when it is a fact that God is love.
I believe that being “delivered from homosexuality” is equivalent to going back in the closet in most cases.
A couple things that I’ve noticed:
1. There is a romantic quality to being in the closet. In my own experience I’ve noticed that there was a high with people not knowing who I really was. Being out is really anti-climactic, especially since no one really cares.
2. The people that claim to be delivered from homosexuality usually have proclaimed being gay since childhood. Those of us that really worked hard to live that straight life live with a lot less guilt than those who have never attempted it.
So what does being delivered from homosexuality really mean?
I assume what being delivered REALLY would mean is that you no longer have desires for the same sex. I think people who claim that their delivered in most cases are agreeing not to act on desires. Is that really deliverance? When God delivers you from disease does he just stop you from complaining? Or does he heal you fully, stopping the pain and the effects of the disease? I think we can all agree that it’s the latter.
I have a few concerns with the deliverance method.
Masculine women are required to be feminine and feminine men are required to be masculine? Does the way you dress define your sexuality?
I am a firm believer that God allows some people to be ok with things while others can’t. For example an alcoholic may feel guilty about a couple glasses of wine, but a person who only drinks every few weeks won’t have guilt attached to that.
Does this make drinking wine a sin? Well, yes for the alcoholic but not for the occasional drinker. If God puts something on your heart to do or not do, just do it.
To some people being with the same sex is pure lust. I can admit to lustful thoughts but are heterosexuals free from lust?
Yes, you can stomach sleeping with the other sex but is it fair to them that you can’t be wholly physically attracted to them?
We’re all human so yes being touched a certain way can turn you on regardless of who’s doing it. You can and should love anyone you have any type of relationship with… as a Christian.
What I’ve learned since being with women is that there is a difference when u actually enjoy that person’s body. Not just the sexual organs. I honestly didn’t know that a man’s body didn’t turn me on… until I got with a women.
I do believe it’s possible to be delivered from homosexuality but I also believe that some of us are meant to be gay. Just be sure that if you feel condemned about your sexuality it is because God put it in your heart and not because humans believe they are the Messiah and can send you to hell.
No one is perfect. We all sin daily but God loves is anyway. My biggest pet peeve is when people say they’re Christian but they say something like “Well Jesus did die for our sins… but that doesn’t mean you can sin and be forgiven.”
He either did or He didn’t. If you don’t believe He didn’t don’t claim to be a Christian.
Bottom line is that you need to do what you need to do to be happy. If God puts something on your heart and it’s really bothering you then correct it. However, if you believe that all your problems in life stem from being gay, you’re in for a rude awakening.
The truth is bad things happen to all of us regardless. Remember Job? You’re no Job but I’m just making a point that he was a very faithful man who followed the word of God to a T and still lost everything.
So just ensure that it’s God in your heart telling you to change your life and not the nay-sayers around you because only you know your relationship with God.

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